Home in Eagle Ranch Colorado that we have painted the exterior of.

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Painting and Staining in the Mountains

We live in the mountains and high desert areas of the Colorado Rockies.  The winters are cold and harsh. The summers can be hot and dry.  Direct sun can be very intense any time of the year.  All of these environmental factors are  eroding your home over time.  A fresh layer of stain or paint is your first line of defense against the elements.  If you consistently maintain the exterior of your house by regularly painting it should last many lifetimes.  The key to keeping costs down for painting the exterior is to paint consistently enough to prevent any damage from actually happening.  Then minimal preparation work is needed in the repainting process, which saves time and money.  It is also a consideration to more regularly paint the sun exposed sides of your home.  Often only half your home really needs to be stained at the time, which is an option that we offer which can save out customers money